The objective of Embracive project is to promote non-discrimination, combat racism and all forms of intolerance by supporting and promoting diversity management in the business environment in Greece and Cyprus in the following ways:


by producing a practical toolkit for diversity management,


by enhancing the knowledge and skills of managers, HR staff and employees for diversity management through tailored training and transnational exchange,


by piloting the Diversity Management toolkit in a small sample of enterprises to test its relevance and applicability and


by promoting the endorsement of the Diversity Charter by Greek and Cypriot companies through conferences, publications, newsletters, a website and the social media.

The projects rests on the assumption that while the development and adoption of Diversity Charters is a welcomed development, they need to be brought closer to the everyday practice and operation of companies and especially SME’s. In particular, what is needed is to embed diversity management into corporate cultures and develop concrete relevant internal processes that incrementally improve existing business practice. To this end, the project adopts mixed method approach that combines small scale research to identify perceptions and level of knowledge in diversity management on the ground (the Greek and Cypriot SME’s), participatory development of an operational tool (a Diversity Management toolkit with the involvement of companies), targeted capacity building interventions, the toolkit’s pilot application in direct cooperation with companies and awareness raising.

More specifically, the project uses empirical research to understand in depth the needs and practices of SME’s in the participating countries with regard to diversity. Conducting research to identify perceptions and business practices in Greek and Cypriot companies (national authorities, trade unions, employer associations’ NGOs). Further, it will use participatory methodologies (workshops and pilot applications) to develop a Diversity Management toolkit that will have the capacity to close the gap between the situation on the ground and the commitments in the Diversity Charters. Research findings will feed into the development of a tailor-made training package that will be offered to Human resources and management staff from SME’s. Trainees will be offered practical knowledge and soft skills on diversity management using a problem-based approach focusing on tangible results.

Finally, the project will engage in outreach activities with a double aim: to disseminate the project’s outputs and results and to increase the number of companies affiliated to the Charter.

Research on perceptions and business practices in Greek and Cypriot companies

Diversity Management Toolkit for Private Companies

Training for Managers & HR officers

Corporate Diversity Management Pilot in Private Companies

Embracive Events

Research on perceptions and business practices in Greek and Cypriot companies

An important task before the beginning of the project’s implementation is to obtain a deep understanding of how diversity is managed by private companies, to explore employers’ perception on diversity management and identify their challenges, needs and gaps. To this end, the project will use empirical research to understand in depth the needs and practices of SME’s in the participating countries with regard to diversity. Research will involve desktop, quantitative and qualitative research with companies and other interested parted (national authorities, trade unions, employer associations’ NGOs) in both countries, Greece and Cyprus. Research findings will obtain a thorough insight on the corporate realities regarding diversity, and will enable us to create a map of diversity management good practices available in European companies.

Diversity Management Toolkit for Private Companies

After the completion of the desk research, the survey to companies and the qualitative research, we will prepare a comprehensive toolkit for corporate leaders, which will provide practical guidelines on implement diversity management in the workplace, with all collected data, information and results. The comprehensive diversity management toolkit will be developed for leaders, managers, HR staff, employees providing practical guidelines on implementing diversity management in workplace and thus leverage the benefits that diversity brings to the workforce. It will indicatively include a theoretical background, legal framework, concrete steps for implementing diversity management, diversity assessment and audit tools.

Training for Managers & HR officers

Development of a training package a training package that requires trainee involvement, group work and deep approach to learning as opposed to traditional lecturing. The primary aim is to equip managers, HR staff, employees etc. with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The training package will follow the values and principles of the developed Diversity Charters for Greece and Cyprus.

Training workshops for HR officers, managers, employees in 5 cities of Greece (Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Heraklion), and 2 cities of Cyprus (Limassol and  Nicosia).

Train the trainer workshop: A group of HR Managers from Greece and Cyprus will be further trained to be in the position to deliver trainings in the future. They will be trained on the Diversity Management Toolkit.

Corporate Diversity Management Pilot in Private Companies

SMEs will be selected to embrace diversity management policies and practices in their organisational culture. Their employees will participate in diversity trainings and the results will be assessed.

Embracive Events

Launch Conference in Greece in September 2020. The objective of the conference is to present the diversity values and attract more companies to sign the Diversity Charter. Key groups of stakeholders will participate (i.e. Ministries, municipalities, representatives of trade unions, employer organisations) as well as EU’s representatives.

Final Conference in Greece -Final Conference in Cyprus. The results of the project activities will be presented both in Greece and Cyprus. The main aim is to promote the project’s Diversity Management Toolkit and increase signatories of the Diversity Charter.

HR officers, management staff and high-level employees who are responsible for the development of practices and strategies within their companies

chambers, trade unions, large enterprises, SMEs, companies

local authorities, local associations, training institutions, and

EU level policy makers, relevant stakeholders through the EU Diversity Charters Platform.

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