Information on the results of the expressions of interest for participation in the training program for business executives.

The period of submission of applications by companies, for the participation of their executives in training on MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSITY in the BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, ended on April 16 with extremely intense interest.

The training, implemented within the European EMBRACIVE program, addressed to 90 business executives, will be conducted in a series of 6 seminars lasting 8 hours each in the period May – June, which will be implemented by IBEPE-SEV.

The applications exceeded all expectations, reaching the number of 84 companies and 173 executives, almost doubling the project forecasts. This strong interest confirms the need to introduce modern systems and methods of human resource management in companies as a key component for their development. IBEPE-SEV has defined the final list of executives who will participate in the seminars according to the terms of the invitation, as well as the final dates of the seminars.

For those executives who will not be able to participate to the seminars, due to the inability to serve all the requests for participation, the possibility of finding alternative solutions and the distribution of the relevant material is already being considered.

The companies and executives that will participate in the seminars will be informed in detail within the next few days.

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